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        About VARIVAS

        Pursuit of the smallest catch
        Fishing Crazy: In Pursuit of the Smallest Catch
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        Since starting direct-to-customer sales of VARIVAS fishing line here in the United States, the topic of “Finesse Fishing” comes up frequently in conversations between our…

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        40 Years Ago: The Launch of VARIVAS brand fishing line in 1980
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        December 13 marks the 40th Anniversary of the VARIVAS brand. As we commemorate VARIVAS’s success and 40-year milestone, we take a look back at the…

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        Please be aware of “fake” and “imitation” products.
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        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. – Oscar Wilde Please be aware of “fake/imitation“ products. Though we should…

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        VARIVAS lunches new English language website
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        VARIVAS by Morris Company Ltd. has launched a new English language website — www.varivas.fishing — and is currently working on plans to launch direct sales of VARIVAS fishing line projects in North America.

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        The Story of VARIVAS’s Beginning
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        TrueVoice, Vol. 1 VARIVAS and Eizo Maruhashi A fateful encounter in 1984, between Japanese angler Eizo Maruhashi and Japanese fishing line manufacturer, propelled VARIVAS brand…

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