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        Field Report

        Giant Pike photo from VARIVAS Poland
        Catching giant Pike in Poland
        1080 608 VARIVAS

        Anglers around the globe–in over 50 counties–appreciate VARIVAS’s high performance line. Check out the size of the big Pike caught by VARIVAS anglers in Poland!…

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        Bass at Lake Nojiri
        Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder
        730 1036 VARIVAS

        Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder. Hi everyone, this is Isono, VARIVAS Field Tester, sending you a fishing report from…

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        Jigging halibut fishing with VARIVAS Avani Jigging 10x10 Max Power PE X8 #1 line
        Joban Offshore Flounder Jigging
        730 1502 VARIVAS

        Hi everyone, this is Field Tester Yokoshima. A popular target for the summer saltwater game in Japan is Mahi Mahi and Tuna in casting games,…

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        VARIVAS New Polyester Fishing Line Prototype
        Amazing Performance with VARIVAS’s New Ester Line: A Record setting 66 Trout in 20 minutes!
        730 548 VARIVAS

        VARIVAS Field Tester Report Hello, this is VARIVAS Field Tester Noboru Deguchi. Before I begin my report I’d like to first express my sincere sympathy…

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        Catching Prehistoric Giants on VARIVAS Line
        720 960 VARIVAS

        VARIVAS Field Tester Report By Brandon Brylinsky It was only ten minutes into my kayak bass club’s tournament on Sodus Bay in upstate NY and…

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        New Zealand Fly Fishing Trip
        730 497 VARIVAS

        New Zealand fishing at the beginning of the year.

        Hello! I’m VARIVAS Field Tester, Shingo Matsui.
        This is a report when I visited New Zealand (hereafter referred to as NZ), a mecca for fly fishing, at the beginning of the 2020 new year.

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        Journey to meet Malaysian and Indian Snakehead with the new lineup of VAMOS line
        730 487 VARIVAS

        Hello. My name is Takuya Kozuka; I’m a VARIVAS Field Tester.
        This is my report on a 10-days fishing expedition in South and Southeast Asia in early 2020.
        In this expedition I travelled to various locations for three round matches.

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        A good catch in Tokyo Bay
        730 548 VARIVAS

        Field report by Wataru Udagawa.

        A good catch in Tokyo Bay.

        Pacific Cutlassfish in Tokyo Bay are at their peak now. Usually they gather 80m (328 ft.) near the sea bottom off Cape Kannon. But, it’s different this year. They are flocking in the shallow area about 40m deep. In mid-January the fish actively fed off the coast of Yokohama and produced good results. They were mostly 4-finger-sized. The largest ones were over 50cm (20 in.) and overflowed from my cooler box.

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        ‘Gure’ fishing in Suzaki, Southern Izu
        730 548 VARIVAS

        March 27th, 2020 Field report by Atsuo Azuma ‘Gure’ fishing, Suzaki, Southern Izu. Gure = Mejina, ‘Girella mezina,’ Largescale Blackfish, native to the southern pacific…

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