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        92lb Yellowfin at Sagami Bay
        92LB Yellowfin Casting Explosion in Sagami Bay!
        730 547 VARIVAS

        VARIVAS Field Reporter: Tatsuya Kazuno Japan’s Sagami Bay is such a competitive battleground every year. Yellowfin Tuna are nervous and quickly dive deep because of…

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        The Heart Pounding Challenge of Albacore!
        730 355 VARIVAS

        Saltwater Fishing Field report by Saya Aoi Challenger Saya:  the heart pounding challenge of Albacore! Hello everyone! I’m VARIVAS / Morris Co. Field Tester, Saya…

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        Chasing Bluefin Tuna in the Sea of ​​Tsugaru
        738 378 VARIVAS

        Catching prey with the most accurate casting than anyone … The Tsugaru Strait is located in the northernmost part of Honshu (Japan’s main island). From…

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