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        Year-End SALE, Dec 27-31: Save 25% OFF select products
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        Year-End SALE 25% OFF select fishing line products below from the VARIVAS America ONLINE STORE December 27-31, 2020 Prices listed below and on product pages are Regular Price. Discount is…

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        Pursuit of the smallest catch
        Fishing Crazy: In Pursuit of the Smallest Catch
        1024 683 VARIVAS

        Since starting direct-to-customer sales of VARIVAS fishing line here in the United States, the topic of “Finesse Fishing” comes up frequently in conversations between our U.S. office staff and HQ…

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        Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association – 2021 FISHING FEST EXPO
        1000 667 VARIVAS

        Save the date: January 22-24, 2021 Check out the newest fishing tackle and products, coming out from Japan! 2021 Japan Fishing Fest Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association Virtual Trade Show…

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        40 Years Ago: The Launch of VARIVAS brand fishing line in 1980
        1024 408 VARIVAS

        December 13 marks the 40th Anniversary of the VARIVAS brand. As we commemorate VARIVAS’s success and 40-year milestone, we take a look back at the significant events that launched VARIVAS…

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        New York State Championship 2020
        1080 810 VARIVAS

        September 27, 2020 2020 NY Kayak Bass Fishing State Champ!   Brandon Brylinsky, VARIVAS America field tester, here. What a roller coaster these past 4 days (Sept 24-27, 2020) have…

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        VARIVAS rocks, literaly…
        1080 608 VARIVAS

        The rock music band “SHANK” made an exciting music video with collaboration with VARIVAS. YouTube video: https://youtu.be/_PJQ65c-PdQ VARIVAS’s premium fishing line, GANOA Absolute, is showcased in the music video. About…

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        Giant Pike photo from VARIVAS Poland
        Catching giant Pike in Poland
        1080 608 VARIVAS

        Anglers around the globe–in over 50 counties–appreciate VARIVAS’s high performance line. Check out the size of the big Pike caught by VARIVAS anglers in Poland! Strength, performance, and functionality are…

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        Bass at Lake Nojiri
        Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder
        730 1036 VARIVAS

        Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder. Hi everyone, this is Isono, VARIVAS Field Tester, sending you a fishing report from Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture, which…

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        Jigging halibut fishing with VARIVAS Avani Jigging 10x10 Max Power PE X8 #1 line
        Joban Offshore Flounder Jigging
        730 1502 VARIVAS

        Hi everyone, this is Field Tester Yokoshima. A popular target for the summer saltwater game in Japan is Mahi Mahi and Tuna in casting games, but in my case, it’s…

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        92lb Yellowfin at Sagami Bay
        92LB Yellowfin Casting Explosion in Sagami Bay!
        730 547 VARIVAS

        VARIVAS Field Reporter: Tatsuya Kazuno Japan’s Sagami Bay is such a competitive battleground every year. Yellowfin Tuna are nervous and quickly dive deep because of boats roaming on the surface.…

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        Please be aware of “fake” and “imitation” products.
        1024 408 VARIVAS

        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. – Oscar Wilde Please be aware of “fake/imitation“ products. Though we should be “flattered” by cheap imitation…

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        VARIVAS New Polyester Fishing Line Prototype
        Amazing Performance with VARIVAS’s New Ester Line: A Record setting 66 Trout in 20 minutes!
        730 548 VARIVAS

        VARIVAS Field Tester Report Hello, this is VARIVAS Field Tester Noboru Deguchi. Before I begin my report I’d like to first express my sincere sympathy for those impacted by COVID-19…

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