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      AIRS Pro Spec Fly Line – Iwana Version – Dt

      AIRS Pro Spec Fly Line – Iwana Version – Dt


      Perfect line for mountain stream fishing. Designed for targeting Iwana or trout and char.

      Unique double tapered design allows easy line control for trick casting, mending and loop control.  Hyperflex coating achieves unprecedented buoyancy and super smooth glide.

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      Double Tapered fly line for mountain stream fishing

      Perfect for targeting Trout, Char, or Iwana

      • VARIVAS Iwana tapered fly line perfectly captures the essence of Japan master fly fishing angler, Keiichiro Iwai’s unparalleled experience and expertise in fishing Japan’s unique small rivers and mountain streams.
      • The unprecedented buoyancy and super smooth glide of VARIVAS Hyperflex coating, developed in conjunction with VARIVAS’s proprietary unique tapered design, puts the fly caster in perfect control of trick casts, mending and loop control–essential techniques in the delicate art of Japanese Iwana (trout, char) fly fishing.

      Color: Union Orange

      Also available in Weight Forward (Wf) design.

      DT-222 yds.
      DT-322 yds.
      DT-422 yds.

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