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Area Super Trout Master Limited SUPER ESTER

Area Super Trout Master Limited SUPER ESTER


Very low stretch material provides excellent line tension, increased sensitivity and handling with smaller lures. 1.35 Specific Gravity is between that of Nylon and Polyester. Great for depth-aim use. VARIVAS proprietary SP-F fluororesin coating increases cast-ability & durability.



Competition-class, low stretch, highly sensitive line, with 1.35 Spec Gravity

  • Polyester / Ester fishing line
    •  Zero to very low stretch
    • Produces moderate line tension, greatly increasing sensitivity and hooksets on smaller spoon casts
    • 1.35 specific gravity is between that of nylon and polyester. Great for depth-aim use.
    • Proprietary VARIVAS SP-F fluororesin coating increases durability and cast-ability.
  • Excellent for finesse lure and bait fishing, targeting hard to catch smart, nervous and alert trout in stocked ponds and lakes.
  • Originally designed for hyper-sensitive, hyper-alert trout in stocked lake and pond environments in Japan.

Color: Natural Clear

  Also available in Neo Orange color

‘AREA Super Trout’ Series fishing line is designed especially for targeting alert, hook and line-savvy, heavily pressured fish in stocked lake and pond environments or ‘areas’ in Japan.

号 / Goh

JAFS gauge #

lb DIA. (mm) Length
0.25 1.3 0.080 150m
0.3 1.4 0.090 150m
0.4 2.1 0.104 150m
0.5 2.3 0.117 150m

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