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Super Trout Advance Bush Trail VEP Nylon

Super Trout Advance Bush Trail VEP Nylon


VARIVAS VEP monofilament nylon line with proprietary, high, wear-resistant coating. 20X more abrasion resistance than standard nylon line.
A high tenacity line — Ideal for fishing near heavy cover and structure, trees, brush, rocks and bridge pilings.

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High tenacity nylon line for fishing in areas of heavy structure

  • VARIVAS VEP nylon monofilament fishing line with proprietary high, wear-resistant coating.
  • 20X the abrasion resistance of standard nylon line.
  • High Tenacity: Perfect for fishing in areas of heavy cover and structure, jagged, rough environments, such as fishing near trees, brush, rocks, or around bridge pilings.
  • Highlight Orange color for excellent visibility and traceability.

Color:  Highlight Orange

号 / Goh

JAFS gauge #

lb. Length
0.8 3 100m (Parallel Winding)
1 4 100m (Parallel Winding)
1.2 5 100m (Parallel Winding)
1.5 6 100m (Parallel Winding)

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