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    AREA Super Trout Master Limited SUPER PREMIUM PE X4 Mark Edition

    Competition-class PE x4 line: Super thin. Durable. Highly sensitive. Low stretch.

      AREA Super Trout Master Limited  – Super Premium PE X4

      Extremely thin. Durable. Highly sensitive. Low stretch.

      • Competition-class, extremely thin, 4-strand braided PE line for finesse lure and bait fishing
      • High Sensitivity with low stretch — perfect for tiny spoon casts and rich action
      • Firmly catches even a small bite that barely touches
      • Originally designed for tournament fishing, targeting hyper-sensitive, hyper-alert, high-pressured trout in stocked lake and pond environments
      • Made with VARIVAS advanced SP-PE  fishing line
        • SP-PE is extremely thin, powerful, durable PE, with 30% less stretch
      • VARIVAS proprietary SP-F fluorine coating enhances durability and casting
        • Suppresses line deterioration due to water absorption, improves abrasion resistance, and increases flight distance

      COLOR:   ‘Mark Edition’ — Alternating Sight Orange (60cm/24-in) + Black (10cm/4) marking

      ‘AREA Super Trout’ Series fishing line is designed especially for targeting alert, hook and line-savvy, heavily pressured fish in stocked lake and pond environments or ‘areas’ in Japan.


      号 / Goh
      JAFS gauge #

      Product Details

      Designed for Managed Stock Trout ‘AREA’ Competition use. Super thin line for high sensitivity and low stretch. SP-PE: newer advanced PE material with extremely thin diameter (start from #0.15), provides high power and high abrasion resistance. Perfect for tiny spoon casts and rich action.

      • PE | Braided Line
      • SP-F | Super Non-Stick Coating
      • X4 | Braided Line
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