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    Avani Jigging Superconductor LS4 PE

    High-tension, ultra-low stretch PE line for deep sea jigging

      AVANI Jigging Super Conductor LS4 PE

      • 4-stand, ultra-low stretch, tight-tension braided PE fishing line
      • Ideal for deep-sea fishing
      • Excellent for deep drop slow pitch jigging
      • VARIVAS’s proprietary LS4 PE line has a 4% elongation (stretch) rate
      • Provides high controllability, increased sensitivity, with perfect stability and break-strength consistency
      • VARIVAS SP-F fluoride coating improves durability and casting by suppressing water absorption, improving abrasion resistance, and increasing casting flight distance
      • Highly visible, 5-color, multi-colored line with color changes every 10 meters for accurate depth control

      Color:  Multi-color:  5 colors alternating every 10 meters

      号 / Goh
      JAFS gage #
      MAX lb.Average lb.300m600mBRAID
      Product Details

      High-tension, ultra-low stretch, 4-braid PE fishing line for jigging and deep sea fishing. LS4 braided PE has a 4% elongation (stretch) rate, yielding high controllability, sensitivity, perfect stability and break-strength consistency. VARIVAS SP-F fluoride coating increases durability and casting. Multi-colored line assists with depth control.

      • PE | Braided Line
      • LS4 | Low-Stretch 4-braid PE Line
      • SP-F | Super Non-Stick Coating
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