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Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse NYLON

Low memory line for pitching smaller and lighter lures

Low memory nylon line for pitching smaller, lighter lures

  • Unique monofilament nylon line designed for pitching smaller, lighter lures.
  • Bait Finess line has less spool memory and doesn’t untwist like other nylon, making it fantastic for bait reels.
  • VARIVAS VA-G Manufacturing: high density molecular binding improves breaking strain / diameter ratio, resulting in 1-rank-higher compared to similar diameter line.
  • Highly visible, Flash-Orange line color with line markings every 30m improves traceability and manageability.

Color: Flash Orange

号 / Goh
JAFS gauge #
LB. DIA.(mm) Length
0.5 2.5 0.117 120m
0.6 3 0.128 120m
0.8 4 0.148 120m
1 5 0.165 120m
Product Details

Very unique Nylon line designed specifically to pitch smaller & lighter lures.

  • VA-G | VA-G Nylon
  • Nylon | Nylon Line
  • SP-F | Super Fluororesin Coating
  • SP-T | Super Tough Coating
  • Parallel Winding
  • FL | Fluorescent Color