Full-zip Hoodie

VARIVAS limited edition full-zip hoodie

VARIVAS Full Zip Hoodie

(Models:  VAAW-27 and VAAW-28)

  • Medium-weight, all-season, full front-zip, hoodie sweatshirt with relaxed shoulder design. Wear alone or for a layered look.  Fleece. Long sleeve. Full front zipper. Hooded. 
  • Small VARIVAS logo on front, left chest and on hood. 
  • Tight-weave, high thread-count, 100% cotton outer shell, that resists peeling when washed.   

2 Design options:

  • Plain back / no design on back (VAAW-27)
  • Back logo design (VAAW-28) that includes VARIVAS Wakasagi Kobo Studio logo (written in Japanese) +  Morris Graphite Works logo 


    • Fleece lining: 52% cotton, 48% polyester.
    • Outer shell: 100% cotton

COLOR:    Black   |   Light Grey

SIZE:   Men’s  XL,   XXL/3L,    XXXL/4L

    • For optimal fit, see Hoodie measurement size chart below.
    • Prone to shrinking 1~2 sizes after 1 stint in the washer & dryer due to 100% high-thread cotton material. 
    • Men’s XL will fit more like a men’s Medium or Large (after machine tumble dry)
    • XXL/3L will fit more like a men’s Large or XL (after machine tumble dry)
    • XXXL/4L will fit more like a men’s XL or XXL (after machine tumble dry)

For optimal care, preservation of material quality and to avoid shrinkage, we recommend:

    • Machine wash in cold water.
    • Hang (air) dry away from direct sun.
Product Details

Medium-weight, all-season, full-zip hoodie sweatshirt; with logo on front and on back of hood. Available in 2 design options- Plain Back design (vaaw-27) and 'Wakasagi' Back logo design (vaaw-28). Colors: Black or Light Grey. Available size: XL, XXL, XXXL (sizes run 1 to 2 sizes smaller). Size: See size chart & details below for best fit.