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        The rock music band “SHANK” made an exciting music video with collaboration with VARIVAS.

        YouTube video: https://youtu.be/_PJQ65c-PdQ

        VARIVAS’s premium fishing line, GANOA Absolute, is showcased in the music video.

        About the band “SHANK”

        The band formed in 2004, a Power-trio band from the city of Nagasaki. The trio has appeared in various festivals and events from its base in Nagasaki and performed in their tours and live activities throughout Japan.

        In 2014, the band made their first overseas tour. 2015, the band launched and their own label, “BAiTFiSH RECORDS” within Japan’s entertainment giant Avex.
        In their hometown of Nagasaki, the band energetically continues to perform, holding the regular music events [BLAZE UP NAGASASKI] at the famous theme park “Huis Ten Bosch (House in the Woods).

        Until March 2020, the “15th Anniversary One-Man Tour The Heavy Clash” was held in 6 concerts throughout Japan. The latest CD “Candy Cruise EP” and LIVE DVD / Blu-ray “THE HEAVY CLASH at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST” were released at the same time on September 2, 2020. And the “SHANK Acoustic Live 2020” was held on September 6.

        HP : http://www.shankofficial.com
        Twitter : https://twitter.com/SHANK095
        Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shank095jpn/
        YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpcNm6gGDg-lFUz9D6yfLKA/

        This YouTube video is being released on VARIVAS Japan’s Official YouTube channel for a limited time. (End date has not to be determined yet)

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