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VARIVAS Pro Program

VARIVAS Brand is famous around the world, but not well known in the USA. You can help us change that!

The VARIVAS Pro Program is an opportunity for fishing outfitters, guides, and captains to partner with us to introduce VARIVAS high quality, fishing line products to US anglers. Guides, Outfitters, and Captains who are accepted into the VARIVAS Pro Program receive a Pro Program discount on VARIVAS products, PLUS have the opportunity to resell our products to their customers and clients. Yes, you heard correctly! Unlike other professional programs, VARIVAS welcomes you to resell our products. It’s a professional demonstration and wholesale program in one!

This program is open to active licensed fishing guides and captains only. The application will ask you to upload information to verify your status.



VARIVAS is an established brand with a 40-year history in Japan and other parts of the world.
Just ask Australians, British, Czech, French, Germans, Poles, Russians, and others throughout Asia.
They know us.

A SIMPLE and EASY Program for Professional Guides, Outfitters and Captains

Join us with introducing VARIVAS products direct to Americans. Many diehard North American VARIVAS fans have been buying from gray market sellers in Japan, paying high shipping fees and running the risk of receiving fake products. Say good-bye to gray market purchasing! The VARIVAS Pro Program allows Guides, Charters, and Captains to buy at a discount, direct from VARIVAS’s American operation. And, unlike traditional “Pro” demo programs, you are welcome to resell our products to your clients, as well. You can try out VARIVAS at a discount; and if you like our product, you can sell it to your customers and clients.

We’re able to do this because we don’t yet have an established, complicated distribution network in the US. 

Here’s how it works:
  1. Send us your info: 
    1. Submit an Application Form 
    2. Register with our VARIVAS America online store (You can do this before or after you receive the approval message too.)
  2. Once approved, we will provide you with a special Pro Program discount status.
  3. Start purchasing products at the Pro Program discount rate from our online store. Start saving and making money!
1. Submit an application.
2. Upon approval - we will provide you with Pro discount status.
3. Start purchasing VARIVAS products at the Pro Program discount rate from the VARIVAS America online store.

Become a VARIVAS America partner and trailblazer!

No complicated contract.
No minimum purchase requirement.

Pro Program Terms and Conditions

  • Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP)
  • NO wholesale distribution to other business and countries is allowed
  • VARIVAS and VARIVAS America may limit or stop shipments at our discretion
Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP)

Suppose you list our products for sale on your website. To protect our brand value, yours, and our business profitability, we ask our partners to maintain a minimum advertising price (our MSRP or higher price) on any form of advertising over the internet.
It is NOT about ‘controlling’ the price.
We have no intention to control the price which you sell to your customers. You are free to sell at whatever price you see fit. We are just trying to avoid the familiar and uncomfortable situation of explaining why “Joe is selling the same product at a much lower price than John.”
We simply hope you would promote our products and by doing so, you will also benefit from it.

NO wholesale distribution to other business and countries is allowed

VARIVAS has an established network of distributors and dealers outside of the United States. And thus, value and respect their partnership with us. Please do not engage in wholesale activities, such as purchasing large quantities of products and reselling them to other wholesale operations.

This program is designed for direct to consumers; from you to your customers/clients.

VARIVAS and VARIVAS America may limit or stop shipments at our discretion.

If we find that you’re not a good fit for our business model, we may stop your Pro Program discount, reverting your status to a regular customer level.