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    Fishing Line Materials & Technology

      Four Major Materials
      of Fishing Line


      Characteristic of Nylon Fishing Line

      Characteristic of Nylon Fishing Line

      A flexible and easy-to-use material with a wide range of applications.
      A material that is hard to deform, and fit well on a reel and easy to use casting line. It also stretches slightly, so it can also be used as a shock leader to absorb the stress on a line. Although known for weakness to water absorption and ultraviolet rays damage, the recent development of manufacturing methods and coating technology dramatically improved durability.


      Characteristic of Fluorcarbon Fishing Line

      Characteristic of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

      Suitable for shock leader line, with strong abrasion resistance and good sensitivity.
      The material has excellent anti-abrasion quality when it comes into contact with obstacles and provides good sensitivity. It is commonly used for shock leader lines. The high specific gravity makes it effective for fast sinking fishing tackle and lures. Conventional fluorocarbon lines lack flexibility; however, VARIAS’s innovations in materials and manufacturing have produced a more flexible Fluorocarbon.

      PE | Braided Line

      Characteristic of PE Fishing Line

      Characteristic of PE Fishing Line

      With its overwhelming sensitivity, strength, and thinness, PE line has revolutionized fishing.
      Its non-stretching strength results in sensitive feedback from the tip of the line. It is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than similar diameter sized nylon line. Some feel that PE line is weak against abrasion wear and is a bit too supple of a line.

      PE’ refers to polyethylene, the original material used to make PE line. Today, however, VARIVAS’s PE products are engineered and manufactured by a complex combination of several different variations of high tech processing methods and special coatings to create a single ‘PE’ line.


      Characteristic of Polyester Fishing Line

      Characteristic of Polyester Fishing Line

      Polyester line provides very good sensitivity, and high specific gravity controls a delicate game.
      It is very tenacious, hard, and has a low protraction rate compared to nylon and fluorocarbon lines. It is often used in hi-lo rig with multiple hooks and leaders. Recently, because of its high sensitivity and specific gravity, second only to fluorocarbon, thin diameter polyester lines are used for Aging and private pond fishing competitions. It has no water absorption and is superior to nylon in abrasion resistance.

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