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    Absolute CB NYLON

    Perfect line-control, abrasion resistant nylon line / Bass Model

        • VARIVAS proprietary VEP manufacturing process; 20X the abrasion resistance of standard nylon.
        • SP-F & UV-protection coating eliminates damage and provides perfect line-control.
        • Halfway marking system (50/100M) makes it easy to handle.


        LB.DIA. (mm)Length
        40.165100m (Parallel Winding)
        50.185100m (Parallel Winding)
        60.205100m (Parallel Winding)
        80.235100m (Parallel Winding)
        100.260100m (Parallel Winding)
        120.285100m (Parallel Winding)
        140.310100m (Parallel Winding)
        160.330100m (Parallel Winding)
        200.370100m (Parallel Winding)
        250.435100m (Parallel Winding)
        300.470100m (Parallel Winding)
        Product Details

        VARIVAS VEP manufacturing process; 20x more abrasion resistant than standard nylon line.

        • VEP | VEP Method Manufacturing
        • SP-F | Super Non-Stick Coating
        • Parallel Winding
        • UV | Ultraviolet Protection Coating
        • Line Marking

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