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March 2023: New Prices & New Savings Opportunities

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Enjoy lower prices on VARIVAS premium fishing line and tackle and new savings opportunities at the VARIVAS America online store. ———————————————– Improved prices from March…

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Field Report: Seeing is Believing – Sight Edition

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Field Reporter Hobie-Wan Kenobi The date of the fishing trip: May 2022 Location: Escanaba River, Gwinn, Michigan Target Fish: Brook Trout Fishing Style: BFS (Bait…

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Field Report: Glide Bait Fun

1080 1440 VARIVAS

Field Reporter saynooo_j Date: May 2022 Location: Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, California Target Fish: Largemouth Bass Fishing Style: Swimbaits, Freshwater Tackle Information: Rod:  Low Down…

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Field Report + Video: ES2 Esterline

653 622 VARIVAS

Field Reporter Finesse Anglers The date of the fishing trip: February 2022 Location: Lake Palmdale, Palmdale California Target Fish: Rainbow Trout Fishing Style: Freshwater, Spinning,…

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Field Report: Texas Bass fishing with Mosquito Loop Wacky Rig Hook

1080 1231 VARIVAS

Field Reporter Uribefishing The date of the fishing trip: March 2022 Location: Canyon Lake, Texas Target Fish: Largemouth Bass Tackle Information: Rod: Reel: Shimano NASCI…

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Field Report: Creek Fishing in Maryland

1080 1020 VARIVAS

Field Reporter @anorak_szn Date: March 2022 Location: Potomac River, Maryland Target Fish: Smallmouth, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout Trout size:  2 lb, 17 inches Fishing Style:…

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Field Report: Master VEP shooting line at the bottom of the world

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Field Reporter Andy T. The date of the fishing trip: March 2022 Location: Gallegos River (Río Gallegos) Santa Cruz, Argentina Target Fish: Sea Run Brown…

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VARIVAS Big Trout & new ‘Katchi Iro’ mono nylon lines

800 640 VARIVAS

VARIVAS expands its Super Trout Advance fishing line series with the addition of a new, red colored model of Big Trout nylon mono line Introducing Big Trout ‘Katchi Iro’…

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Field Report: Bluefin Tuna New Jersey

1080 810 VARIVAS

Field Reporter Billy_hayess The date of the fishing trip: December 2021 Location: Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey Target Fish: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishing Style: Saltwater, Spinning,…

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