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    VARIVAS Product Symbols & Markings


        Nylon Fishing Line

        Nylon is a flexible, easy-to-use material which resists deforming and has a wide range of applications. Nylon line fits well on a reel and is an easy to use casting line. It stretches slightly, making it a good material for use as a shock leader to absorb stress on the line. Nylon is prone to water absorption and ultraviolet rays damage; however, recent new manufacturing methods and coating technology have dramatically improved nylon’s durability.

        Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

        Wear resistant and sensitive, fluorocarbon is commonly used as shock leader.  It has excellent wear resistance when it comes into contact with obstacles. Its high specific gravity make it effective for fishing tackle and lures that require sinking. Although conventional fluorocarbon lacks flexibility, innovations in material and manufacturing methods are now producing a more flexible fluorocarbon.

        PE | Braided Fishing Line

        PE lines’s strength, sensitivity, and thinness has revolutionized fishing methods. Its non-stretching strength returns sensitive feedback from the end of the line. Because PE is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than nylon with equivalent diameter, its thinness has revolutionized fishing methods across various fields. Some caution for its use, however, due to its weakness against abrasion wear and being too supple of a line.

        PAR | Nylon & Polyacrylate Hybrid

        A hybrid composite yarn of nylon and polyacrylate (Acrylate polymer). PAR features high specific gravity (1.4), super abrasion resistance, excessive tension and elasticity.

        Polyester Fishing Line

        Polyester line (aka Ester) provides very good sensitivity. Its high specific gravity controls a delicate game. Polyester is very tenacious, hard, and has a low elongation compared to nylon and fluorocarbon line. Due to its characteristics, polyester line is often used in a hi-lo rig set up with multiple hooks and leaders. Because of its high sensitivity and specific gravity, second only to fluorocarbon, thin diameter polyester line has become popularly used for Aging and pond fishing competitions. Polyester has no water absorption and is superior to nylon in abrasion resistance.

        PVC Fishing Line

        Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the same material used for common products like PVC pipe, is a durable material that is easy to process and add color to it. PVC is a common material in fly fishing line.

        Metal Fishing Line

        VARIVAS Metal line products utilize shape memory titanium alloy, achieving both uncompromising strength of metal and pliability of nylon. VARIVAS Metal line is used for underwater line where both thinness and strength are required, as in Ayu fishing and mountain stream fishing.

        Hybrid Metal Fishing Line

        VARIVAS Composite/Hybrid Metal line is combined with tungsten and aramid fiber, resulting in a line that is easier to handle than a single wire metal line. Composite Metal line is the best material for underwater line, especially for fishing Ayu and other mountain stream fish.

        Manufacturing Technologies

        LS4 Braided Line

        VARIVAS LS4 braided line is made for stable strength and designed for a lower protraction/elongation rating. VARIVAS’s special LS4 braids reduce protraction/elongation rate by 30% compared to conventional PE line (4% range).

        LS8 Braided Line

        Made with VARIVAS’s unique high tech ‘Tight Tension 8 Braid Method’ this ultra-sensitive, 8-strand PE line has a low protraction/elongation rate in the range of 4%, eliminating the line vibration characteristic of 4-braid lines.

        Premium PE | Braided Line

        By densely braiding PE material, VARIVAS Premium PE line has a good balance of strength, durability, and smoothness. ‘Premium PE’ is VARIVAS’s standard grade PE line.

        SP-PE Line

        SP-PE refers to VARIVAS’s new process for manufacturing thin PE line which has strength, stability and durability.

        MAX PE Line

        MAX POWER PE achieves absolute linear strength, stopping the first bite with absolute line power without sacrificing durability.  1.3 – 1.5 times stronger than ordinary PE line, MAX POWER PE provides force to catch a target with less fighting time. Max Power PE is an angler’s companion!

        MAX-PE Plus Line

        MAX-PE Plus is VARIVAS’s MAX POWER PE engineered with a special coating to enhance durability, prevent discoloration, retrain line color, and produce the perfect degree of tension.

        SMP PE Line

        Developed specifically for time-consuming tackle and big game targets, such as tuna, VARIVAS’s Super Max Power SMP PE has dramatically improved linear strength and durability. Engineered with VARIVAS’s specially coated Max Power raw yarn, MAX PE Plus line is transformed into SMP PE–a line with remarkable high strength, high abrasion resistance and durability, twice that of ordinary PE.

        Si-X Line

        Si-X PE fishing line pursues the limit of high durability. VARIVAS created Si-X PE out of the need to solve PE line’s well known weakness to heat caused by friction from the lengthy fight with big game. Super durability and strength is achieved by kneading and weaving VARIVAS’s proprietary heat resistant Si-X  material into VARIVAS Max Power raw yarn. VARIVAS Si-X PE fishing line delivers ultra durability!

        DC-PE Line

        DC-PE is a hybrid composite yarn made of PE and high specific gravity polyester monofilament that combines adequate tension with higher specific gravity (1.12), compared to normal PE line.

        VSP Method

        VSP is the strongest, most durable, fluorocarbon line produced by VARIVAS.  VARIVAS’s new VSP fluorocarbon manufacturing method achieves greater strength results than conventional fluorocarbon line.

        VLS Method

        VARIVAS’s new VLS nylon line manufacturing method suppresses elongation, a known tendency of nylon, resulting in a nylon line with improved operability and sensitivity.  VLS nylong line also exceeds linear strength and wear resistance compared to ordinary nylon.

        SVG nylon

        Finally a thin line you can use with confidence!  VARIVAS’s SVG thin nylon line is the strongest nylon to date–2x stronger than ordinary nylon and stronger than VA-G nylon line.

        VEP Method

        VARIVAS’s VEP nylon line is 20x more abrasion resistant than ordinary nylon.

        VEP-F Method

        VARIVAS’s VEP-F manufacturing process adds flexibility to it’s abrasion resistant VEP nylon line.

        VA-G Method

        VARIVAS’s VA-G high density molecular bonding manufacturing method produces VA-G nylon line, which is one notch stronger than ordinary nylon line of the same thickness.

        AIRS Method

        VARIVAS’s proprietary AIRS manufacturing method maintains the tensile and linear strength in a 100% floating hollow nylon line.

        MA Method

        VARIVAS’s MA manufacturing method controls the range of nylon line elongation, while maintaining nylon line strength and suppleness.

        High-tech Protective Coating and Processing


        VARIVAS’s SP-F super fluoride coating creates a water-repellent protective film on the surface of the line that protects against water absorption, increases flight distance, and improves abrasion resistance.


        VARIVAS SP-H is a super hard coating that adds tension without stiffness to PE line, reducing the tendency of thin line to cling to the rod.


        VARIVAS’s original SP-S super suspend technology, produces a line that quickly enters the water, breaking the surface tension of the water surface, even in rough water and windy conditions.


        VARIVAS’s SP-T is a super tough coating with resin film that covers the surface of the line, reducing water absorption, improving wear resistance and flight distance, and increasing durability.


        VARIVAS Sp-spec Smooth Shield technology prevents water absorption and creates a unique friction guard surface while maintaining suppleness of the raw yarn, resulting in increased flight distance and improved durability of the line.


        VARIVAS’s Tic coating process covers the line surface with titanium resin. By improving smoothness and reducing friction, early onset wear is reduced and binding strength and durability are improved.

        Ultraviolet Protective Coating

        VARIVAS’s UV ultraviolet protective line coating protects line from sunlight, blocking ultraviolet rays and preventing deterioration.

        Fluorescent Coating

        VARIVAS’s fluorescent color coating dramatically improves the visibility of the line. Ideal fishing line for situations where glare on the surface of the water, reflections of scenery, and fishing line are difficult to on account of sunglare.VARIVAS’s Float processing allows the fishing line to drift under water with a delicate balance. Ideal line for Surf/Iso fishing, enabling you to operate the rig without wind and waves affecting the line.

        NON Non-stress Coating

        VARIVAS’s NON (non-stress) coating protects better against water absorption, ultraviolet light, saltwater, and friction. This specialized coating also adds strength of the line.

        ND-S Processing

        VARIVAS’s ND-S processing controls flexibility, tension, and hardness according to the purpose of the line. ND-S eliminates the feeling of discomfort and changes in feeling of use due to changes in the seasons and the thickness of the line.


        IGFA Class Specification

        IGFA (International Game Fishing Association).  VARIVAS’s IGFA line complies with IGFA regulations regarding line strength.

        Over Weight Heavy-duty Specification

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        Other Specifications

        Parallel Winding Spool

        Parallel Winding prevents line from collapsing under pressure, by maintaining the line’s shape and maximizing original strength and linearity of the line

        Soft Winding Spool

        By winding line without applying tension, the performance of the line is maintained, because it is not crushed or stretched.

        Cold Climate Specification

        VEP nylon line does not easily deteriorate or harden in water, owing to the composite effect of SP-F processing that prevents water from adhering. The line hardens even at low water temperatures, resists freezing and has excellent operability.

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