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Nylon Fishing Line

Easy to manage, economical, all-purpose fishing line

VARIVAS mono, NYLON line is nothing like the plain old ``mono`` you think you know

Technology and materials have come a long way.  Utilizing the latest advanced materials and technology, VARIVAS manufactures some of the thinnest, smoothest, most durable nylon monofilament line in the world.  Unlike most mono nylon lines sold in the U.S., VARIVAS mono never over stretches.  Instead, each model of VARIVAS mono is engineered with the perfect stretch amount without compromising sensitivity.  Developed in consultation with master anglers in Japan, VARIVAS produces the largest variety of nylon lines on the market; each model unique in design for a specific need, purpose, fishing style, and application.

Characteristic of Nylon Fishing Line
VARIVAS High-Performance Nylon Fishing Line Products

A flexible and easy-to-use material with a wide range of applications. A material that is hard to deform, and fit well on a reel and easy to use casting line. It also stretches slightly, so it can also be used as a shock leader to absorb the stress on a line. Although known for weakness to water absorption and ultraviolet rays damage, the recent development of manufacturing methods and coating technology dramatically improved durability.