Absolute BBM Nylon

VARIVAS's premium quality answer for Big Bait Monster fishing

Absolute Big Bait Monster Nylon

Absolute BBM – Where Innovation Meets Big Bait Excellence

Your Premier Choice for Big, Heavy Swimbaits. Designed and optimized for top/mid-depth water Big Swimbait casting.

Experience the Advantages:

  • Total Control: Easily maneuver large, heavy swimbaits with quick, sharp motions and immediate response.
  • Unyielding Strength: Tame world-record-sized, monster bass with unmatched line stability and durability.
  • Prevents Breakage: Strike the perfect balance of stretch and recovery elasticity to ensure line integrity.
  • Spool Protection: Parallel winding prevents line crushing and self-cutting, maintaining top performance.
  • Enhanced Protection: Coated with a non-PTFE/fluorine-based line coating, offering environmentally friendly extra protection and a smoother experience.

Color: Stealthy Brown

– Blend Seamlessly: The brownish-red hue enables a stealthy approach, ideal for cautious monster bass hidden in weeds and branches.

VARIVAS Absolute BBM – Your Key to Conquering Big Baits and Landing Monster Bass!

Crafted under the guidance of the esteemed pioneer of the Big Swimbait method and expert bass angler, VARIVAS Field Tester, Mr. Manabu Okuda.


DIA. (mm)

DIA. (inch)


16 lb.

0.33 mm

0.0130 in

150 m

20 lb.

0.37 mm

0.0146 in

150 m

25 lb.

0.405 mm

0.0159 in

150 m

30 lb.

0.47 mm

0.0185 in

150 m

35 lb.

0.52 mm

0.0205 in

80 m

40 lb.

0.57 mm

0.0224 in

80 m

The story behind the making of Absolute BBM

The indepth product usage and characteristic information is available from our Blog/Big Fish Tales section.

Read about the making of Absolute BBM
Product Details

Specially designed for Big Bait Fishing tackle. Super low-stretch "VLS" nylon line will allow the sharp and quick response of the big bait but just enough 'stretch and recover' elasticity needed to prevent line breakage.

  • VLS | Very Low Stretch Nylon
  • SP-V | Non-PFOA coating
  • Parallel Winding