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New Absolute BBM line: A big bait game changer

960 460 VARIVAS

VARIVAS redefines nylon mono line for big swimbaits!

This is no ordinary nylon mono line–Absolute BBM (Big Bait Monster) bass line is a high-tech nylon marvel, meticulously designed and optimized exclusively for big swimbaits. Made with very low stretch (VLS) nylon, Absolute BBM sets a new standard in performance, surpassing all expectations you may have about traditional nylon mono line.

Absolute BBM line for big bait, monster bass

Total Control:
Easily maneuver large, heavy swimbaits with quick, sharp motions and immediate response.
Unyielding Strength:
Tame world-record-sized, monster bass with unmatched line stability and durability.
Prevents Breakage:
Strike the perfect balance of stretch and recovery elasticity to ensure line integrity.
Spool Protection:
Parallel winding prevents line crushing and self-cutting, maintaining top performance.
Enhanced Protection:
Infused with VARIVAS’s SP-V coating, a NON-PFOA/fluorine-based line coating, offering environmentally friendly extra protection and a smoother experience.

Employing lessons from the past
to produce a revolutionary new mono line

Newly released in 2023, as a notable new addition to VARIVAS’s high-end Absolute Series, Absolute BBM (Big Bait Monster bass) low-stretch-mono has gained significant attention at fishing shows throughout Japan.

Given the prevalence of fluorocarbon lines in today’s bass fishing scene, some anglers might question the timing of introducing a nylon line. While fluorocarbon remains popular, there are specific scenarios where nylon lines prove useful. For instance, nylon’s light specific gravity makes it ideal for top water games and winding techniques, like crankbaits.

Let’s delve into the rationale behind the development of a nylon line like BBM, particularly one designed exclusively for large lures such as big swimbaits.

Distinctive features and applications

To begin, it is essential to highlight three primary types of fishing lines, each crafted from different materials: fluorocarbon lines, PE (polyethylene) lines, and nylon lines. Currently, these three types dominate the bass fishing scene, serving as the main choices among anglers.

Now, let’s reiterate our focus on a crucial aspect of these lines – their specific gravity.

Characteristics of fluorocarbon line, PE braided line, and nylon line – and their respective applications based on specific gravity

1.      Fluorocarbon Line:

Specific Gravity:
Fluorocarbon lines have the heaviest specific gravity among the three types. This characteristic makes fluoro line sink faster and enables effective control of lures that target the middle layer of the water column, especially when transitioning from lures operated closer to the bottom.

Fluorocarbon lines exhibit excellent resistance against root slippage and has low stretch, resulting in high sensitivity. Due to these advantages, fluorocarbon has become a mainstream choice for many anglers.

Fluorocarbon lines are widely used across various fishing scenarios, including deep water fishing and situations where a higher level of sensitivity is crucial. Modern anglers even use fluorocarbon in shallow areas due to its overall effectiveness.

2. PE braided Line:

Specific Gravity:
PE lines have the lightest specific gravity of the three. Their buoyancy allows them to float on the water’s surface, making them suitable for top water games and applications involving heavy big baits. Additionally, their lightness is beneficial for power finesse techniques, particularly when targeting heavy cover with spinning gear.

Anglers who require long casting distances for lighter lures often prefer PE braided line. Braided line is also used for top water to mid-depth fishing due to its buoyant nature, which helps keep the lure near the water’s surface.

3. Nylon Line:

Specific Gravity:
Nylon lines have a moderate specific gravity, falling between fluorocarbon and PE lines.

Historical Use:
In the past nylon line was commonly used for top-water fishing and winding techniques. However, the introduction of PE lines, especially for large lures with their inherent weight, has somewhat limited the application of nylon lines in certain scenarios. Some anglers, however, still employ nylon lines with cranking glass rods, as they allow for better entanglement even with short bites.
Recent Attraction:Despite a perceived decrease in demand for nylon lines with the emergence of fluorocarbon and PE braided lines, nylon mono and copolymer lines are beginning to regain attention in today’s new era of the bass fishing. This renewed interest is primarily due to the rising popularity of large lures, such as big swimbaits.

As the bass fishing landscape evolves, each line type offers unique advantages and applications based on its specific gravity and other characteristics. The resurgence of nylon lines is closely linked to the growing use of larger lures, demonstrating the importance of considering various factors when choosing the appropriate fishing line for specific fishing techniques and conditions.

VARIVAS introduces a game-changing nylon line for big swimbait fishing

Mr. Manabu Okuda, renowned angler and pioneer of big bait bass fishing in Japan, was an integral force in developing and producing this new game changing, low-stretch nylon line–Absolute BBM.  In his quest for monster bass, Mr. Okuda employs different lines for various lures. He explains the significance of nylon line and shares his insights on the exceptional qualities of BBM, an ultra-low stretch nylon line designed specifically for ‘dead-slow’ fishing with big swimbaits.

“During the winter to early spring season, big baits consistently emerge as a viable option for targeting substantial bass. The technique involves utilizing a dead-slow action to move the lure.

Traditionally, many big bait enthusiasts, including myself, used fluorocarbon lines for this technique. However, employing fluorocarbon in a dead throw action results in the line sinking before the lure, leading to situations where the fish spot the line and get spooked, causing missed opportunities. In contrast, with nylon’s lighter specific gravity, the line remains above the fish’s line of sight, reducing the risk of being detected and cut off. This advantage proves crucial in enticing the fish without alarming them.

Moreover, BBM’s ultra-low stretch offers a handling experience akin to fluorocarbon, an easy transition for anglers who adopt it.

Additionally, when considering superiority interms of fewer line-related troubles, BBM presents a considerable advantage over braid and fluoro.”

While PE braid is excellent for extra-large, giant bait, surface lures, and while fluoro, on the other hand, excels with lure applications requiring changing depth ranges, BBM’s distinctive characteristics make it the clear choice for lures intended to lure fish from the surface to the mid-depth layer and float above fish’s line of sight, providing a new dimension to big swimbait fishing.

Employ subtle precision with stealthy, brownish-red colored BBM line

Although big swimbait fishing may seem bold, this fishing style requires delicate maneuvering to glide undetected in the presence of large, wise, and savvy bass that easily detect the danger of fishing line. During the development of Absolute BBM, VARIVAS line developers carefully considered line color, thus selected a stealthy brown color. This unique color provides the ultimate camouflage, seamlessly blending with water, brush and cover.

“In dead-slow casting, the line stealth is paramount.” VARIVAS understands that the presence of a visible line in the water can easily spook fish, hindering anglers’ success. Thus VARIVAS is very particular about line color, ensuring a discreet and stealthy approach, ultimately enhancing anglers’ fishing experience.

With Absolute BBM’s stealth brown line color, you’ll master the art of staying hidden and entice even the most cautious monster bass, elevating your big bait fishing to new heights!