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Field Report: Glide Bait Fun

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Field Reporter



May 2022


Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, California

Target Fish:

Largemouth Bass

Fishing Style:

Swimbaits, Freshwater

Tackle Information:

    • Rod:  Low Down Customs White label, Medium-light
    • Reel: Shimano Calcutta Conquest 200XG
    • Line: VARIVAS Nogales Dead or Alive Taflex,  16 lb.,  0.33mm diameter
    • Leader: N/A
    • Lure: The Gracely Baits “Cotton Candy” Gill, 4.25 inch , 1.25 oz

Fishing line is not just fishing line when it comes to throwing “expensive” lures. As a major enthusiast, when it comes to the swimbait game, you absolutely need confidence in your tackle.

From your rod to your reel, your connection knot to the lure, when it comes to swimbait tackle everything needs to be damn near perfect. Losing a bait whether it’s a dollar to sometimes almost worth $1k is no fun at all. Trust me. I know. Snapping off or snagging a lure can ruin your day or haunt you for the rest of your life.

Choosing the best line for feeling what your bait is doing in the water with heavy tackle can be a challenge, especially when companies over-compensate their ratings. VARIVAS Taflex nylon mono suits my needs–it’s presentable and sensitive enough to do what I need the bait to do. For the sub 4 oz. and under lure, I’m able to feel every swing and glide transition. The line held up to the pressure when I finally stuck a good one. No hestitation whatsoever getting the fish in. Definitely looking forward to trying out more!

Thanks a bunch, saynoo_j, for putting the VARIVAS Taflex nylon mono line to the test as a swimbait line. This has been a popular line with U.S. bass anglers. Thanks, again, — the Team at VARIVAS America

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