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Field Report: Seeing is Believing – Sight Edition

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Field Reporter

Hobie-Wan Kenobi

The date of the fishing trip:

May 2022


Escanaba River, Gwinn, Michigan

Target Fish:

Brook Trout

Fishing Style:

BFS (Bait Finesse System)

Tackle Information:

This fishing season, I told myself that I would challenge myself and fish new waters and new techniques. I had become too comfortable fishing the same smaller creeks and streams. After looking on a few maps, I packed for my destination with hopes of having a new fishing experience.

I decide the combination of the Jackson Kawasemi Rhapsody and VARIVAS Super Trout Advance Sight Edition would give me the best all-around performance for what I may encounter. The ‘power’ of the light powered rod combined with the stretch of this hi viz monofilament line would complement each other and provide versatility when fishing unknown waters.

After a backwood drive, off the beaten path, through mudholes and over downed trees, I arrived at my destination. Stepping out of the Jeep, I heard the piercing high pitched buzz of mosquitos, a rite of passage into spring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Walking to the riverbank, I did a quick analysis and decided it was time to fish.

The water was high and very dark. I chose a lure that would give a strong ‘eat me’ presentation to draw fish from the murky depths where they were hiding. Spinner style lures usually do not find their way in my tackle boxes.  I tend to use a different style lure such as a trout minnow or a jig in order to avoid line twist and hang ups. The Buggy Spinner by Jackson, however, claimed to have far less line twist. The stock single barbless hook also gave me interest, as I remember the days of a youth when I would use spinners armed with barbed treble hooks.

Tracking where your lure is in the air can be difficult when casting small lures in woodland streams. The contrast of the far shoreline and the lure is not enough to watch your lure during its flight. The hi viz Sight Edition line proved to be a good choice, as it helped with tracking my lure during the entire cast and allowed me to place my lure with more accuracy and confidence. Many of the rivers I fish are deep within cedar swamps. If you ever had to fight through thick brush and muck to reach the water, you know that the tall trees and thick canopy reduces the amount of light on the stream and compounds the effects of a waning sun. I appreciated a visible line in these darker areas.

Even against the newly growing ferns and other shoreline vegetation, I could still see the Sight Edition line jump when fish swiped at my lure.  Seeing your line go oddly slack or jump is the first stage in the excitement of catching a fish. You see that happen, reel to tighten the slack, and hope for resistance on the other end. Using jigs in a hopping motion is another area that Sight Edition shines. The current and movement of the rod will have your line be slack more often than tight. Even though the line does have decent slack line sensitivity, the real advantage is seeing your line move.

Although this was not my first experience with VARIVAS Super Trout Advance Sight Edition line, this was the first of several VARIVAS products I’ve used. I use it for panfish too, as the bright line is easy to see bites on those windy days that make it difficult to feel the bite. Even though the line is bright, I have not noticed a reduction number of fish, even in clear water.

I recommend VARIVAS Sight Edition to anglers targeting any species. I was a diehard ‘fish are line shy’ angler; but after using Sight Edition over the last year and a half, I know now that ‘seeing is believing.’

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Thank you, Hobie-Wan Kenobi Fishing, for this excellent fishing report! – the team at VARIVAS America

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