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Monster Fish

Giant Pike photo from VARIVAS Poland

Catching giant Pike in Poland

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Anglers around the globe–in over 50 counties–appreciate VARIVAS’s high-performance line. Check out the size of the big Pike caught by VARIVAS anglers in Poland! Strength,…

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Catching Prehistoric Giants on VARIVAS Line

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VARIVAS Field Tester Report By Brandon Brylinsky It was only ten minutes into my kayak bass club’s tournament on Sodus Bay in upstate NY and…

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Journey to meet Malaysian and Indian Snakehead with the new lineup of VAMOS line

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Hello. My name is Takuya Kozuka; I’m a VARIVAS Field Tester.
This is my report on a 10-days fishing expedition in South and Southeast Asia in early 2020.
In this expedition I travelled to various locations for three round matches.

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Takuya Kozuka: Part 1, ‘Modus Operandi’

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Vol. 04 Part 1 Catch once, never twice. Receive maximum satisfaction with minimal exploitation. Takuya Kozuka is on a river flowing through Saitama prefecture. The…

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