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Field Report + Video: ES2 Esterline

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Field Reporter

Finesse Anglers

The date of the fishing trip:

February 2022


Lake Palmdale, Palmdale California

Target Fish:

Rainbow Trout

Fishing Style:

Freshwater, Spinning, BFS (Bait Finesse System)

Tackle Information:

With the ES2, VARIVAS seemed to want to address the concerns of anglers regarding ester (polyester) line. In the past, line manageability and knots were a concern.

With other models and brands of ester/polyester line, one had to take a few extra steps to ensure that ester/polyester line was spooled properly and that knots were well lubricated and cinched. The “stiff” nature of ester made it more challenging. But of course, the benefits of using ester outweighed the extra care it required.

We found that VARIVAS’s new ES2 did in fact address those issues. The ES2 is more supple, easier to tie and line manageability has improved considerably. We found connection knots held better and were much easier to tie. The ES2 suppleness made spooling the line a breeze and increased line management. We had no issues with the line staying on the reel during spooling or casting. Anyone who has used ester in the past will welcome the improvements and those that have been curious, now is a good time to check it out. We’ve had a few friends already give it a try and they have realized the advantage the ES2 can have in specific fishing situations.

We are pleased with the improvements VARIVAS has made and ES2 has solidified it’s place in our arsenal.

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Thank you, Finesse Anglers, for sending in this awesome video! What a beast of a trout caught on 2 lb line! – With appreciation, from the VARIVAS America team

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