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Field Report: AREA Super Trout Master Limited SVG Nylon–The best in finesse

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Field Reporter


The date of the fishing trip:

February 2022


Lake Palmdale, Palmdale, California

Target Fish:

Rainbow Trout

Fishing Style:

Freshwater, Spinning

Tackle Information:

Sensitive and durable!

Two words that don’t go together when talking about nylon, but when using the Area Super Trout Master Limited SVG Nylon by VARIVAS you can rely on BOTH these traits to perform well for you.

I fish high pressure urban lakes and have seen a significant increase in my hook up ratio due to the sensitivity of this line.

Strikes I would have missed before are felt much more. I can feel my lures and spoons swim through the water column, bounce off structure, and can feel even the tiniest nibble. I can almost feel the hook pierce the lips when I set it; and am able to set with a strong pull. The line is strong and durable enough for me to control and maneuver the fish with ease!

Absolutely love this product! The BEST in finesse!


Learn more about Finesseangler_rascal’s fishing tales; visit him on:

Many thanks, Finesseangler_Rascal, for sharing your experience when finesse trout fishing with VARIVAS SVG nylon line. Tight lines! – VARIVAS Staff.

VARIVAS Products used in this report:

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