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Field Report: Jumping into “BFS” gear

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Field Reporter



Lake Balboa, California

Target Fish:

Largemouth Bass

Fishing Style:

Freshwater, BFS (Bait Finesse System)

Tackle Information:

BFS style fishing has always been a technique I have been very intrigued to try.

With the recommendations of a buddy, I dove in, purchasing a rod and reel. Line choice was next. They told me to check out VARIVAS line.  Motivation.  Guidance.  So I did my homework and looked into it.

I chose the VARIVAS Super Premium PE 6.5 lb braid, Tournament Pink color with a 3 lb leader. To my surprise my first outing was a success! Right away, I landed two small largemouth bass on the new setup.  The castability and all out smoothness of the setup had me hooked.

Patience. Education. Experience.  I did manage to lose my lure due to “adjusting” to this new style, as I’m more of a big swimbait angler.  Humbling.  But, hey, every time out is a learning experience.

When targeting larger fish, I plan to upgrade to a stronger rated line; as I felt this current line to be very delicate.  Definitely need to adjust and fine tune some more. Looking forward to getting the hang of this finesse swimbait game.

Thank you, Saynoo_j, for this Field Report about your new-comer experience with VARIVAS line. — VARIVAS Staff

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