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Field Report: Master VEP shooting line at the bottom of the world

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Field Reporter

Andy T.

The date of the fishing trip:

March 2022


Gallegos River (Río Gallegos) Santa Cruz, Argentina

Target Fish:

Sea Run Brown Trout

Fishing Style:

Fly Fishing

Tackle Information:

    • Rod : Hardy Zenith 12′ 6″ #7
    • Reel: Hardy Golden JLH Salmon
    • Line: Vision Ace of Spey float to clear intermediate (30g) + VARIVAS Master Shooting VEP nylon line
    • Leader : Rio Fluorocarbon, 0x
    • Lure: Orange Rubber-leg Copper John Variant on Kamasan B175

The bottom of the world in Southern Patagonia is a harsh environment. You’re on the border between the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties.

The wind howls, the weather changes swiftly, and the fishing is not easy. Little things that don’t matter in the U.S. lower-48 do matter down there.

When the wind hits 40 mph in Montana, people stop fishing — many stop at 25 mph. On the Rio Gallegos, it’s just another day in Paradise. If you waited for the wind to fall below 25 mph, you might never head to the river.

Double handed rods are the norm on the Rio Gallegos. Many casts have to be long. Long rods, however, can be very challenging because the wind blows your D loop all over the place. Thus, most people opt for rods under 13′ and try to shoot to distance. And in the wind, managing your shooting line can be a challenge.

That’s why I use VARIVAS Master VEP shooting line. It is slightly stiffer than VARIVAS Airs Shooting line. Consequently, in the high wind it tends to tangle less. Although it doesn’t float as high as the Airs Shooting line, that is not a disadvantage. The slight touch to the water tends to anchor the shooting line a little more and it doesn’t blow down wind or tangle as much. A quick lift of the shooting line off the water and I’m ready to cast.

Having the right gear in very tough conditions is often the difference between catching fish and not. Having control of your shooting line means you have a chance to make that lie on the far bank sending a little rubber leg nymph across the river to some shockingly big seatrout. Whether in Argentina or Iceland, I’ll make sure some Master VEP is in my kit.

Andy T.


Gallegos River (Río Gallegos) is a well-known, popular destination for fly fisherman around the world.

If you’d like to know more about this special destination, In the Loop magazine has a nice article and photos about this ultimate destination for elusive 20+ lb, Sea Run brown trout.

Hansvencl, Felix. “The Rio Gallegos: A Patagonian Hunt,” In the Loop Magazine. Issue #32, Spring 2022. Page 50.

Many thanks, Andy, for this report about some exciting, destination, fly fishing ‘at the bottom of the world’ and your feedback on our MASTER VEP Shooting line. – from VARIVAS Staff.

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