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VARIVAS Big Trout & new ‘Katchi Iro’ mono nylon lines

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VARIVAS expands its Super Trout Advance fishing line series
with the addition of a new, red colored model of Big Trout nylon mono line

Introducing Big Trout ‘Katchi Iro’

Developed with input from master big game angler and VARIVAS Pro, Koichi Honnami, the name Katchi Iro and new red line color refers to the reddish-brown dye derived from Catechu extract used in traditional Japanese fishing nets. Like the stealthy red color of traditional Katchi Iro nets, VARIVAS Big Trout Katchi Iro reddish-brown line is proven to blend invisible enough to fool even extremely wary big trout.

Iro is the Japanese word for ‘color’

Katchi is a Japanese fishing term for ‘winning, catching, obtaining,’ as well as a homophone, or word that sounds like, both Catechu extract used to make a traditional red-brown dye AND the word ‘catch’ in English.

VARIVAS Big Trout Katchi Iro thus equates to the tangible form and tangible feeling of a ‘winning catch.’

So why choose nylon line?

Despite an increase in popularity of PE braided line, monofilament nylon is the preferred choice of line for Japanese master anglers and natives of Japan’s Tohoku region,

  • Ichiro Sato, Pro Angler for VARIVAS and SOULS brands
  • Koichi Honnami, VARIVAS Pro and master big-game angler

Ichiro Sato:
“Both nylon and braid will catch fish, but nylon, in my opinion, will bring in fish, 5 times out of 5, compared to 4 out of 7 tries with PE braid. Nylon line is harder to break, and in my opinion has a better casting feel. . . For me, comfortable casting is very important. Whether fishing for mountain stream or Masu salmon (Cherry trout), I need precision casts and a line with stretch. Thus, nylon. I utilize the stretch of nylon and ultimately, I like the feel of when casting nylon.”

Ichiro Sato uses VARIVAS Super Trout Advance Big Trout nylon in his pursuit of fighting big players in harsh cold-water conditions.

Koichi Honnami:
“I don’t use a leader when it’s cold; like in March when fishing for Masu salmon (cherry trout) in Iwate prefecture, or winter fishing in northern Japan’s Hokkaido island, or when it’s snowing and your guides are freezing. In times like these, using straight nylon is better.”

Nylon line provides a sense of security in the field.

“Sakuramasu (cherry trout) congregate around structure, closer to the shore than you’d expect. These fish also live in rocky rivers containing lots of obstacles. Your line and leader need to be able to handle areas with heavy bottom structure. Compared to nylon, PE braid is more vulnerable to abrasion, meaning you have to check your braided line often for damage and wear, even if you don’t think it’s damaged.”

Koichi Honnami uses VARIVAS Super Trout Advance Big Trout Katchi Iro stealth reddish-brown colored monofilament nylon line

VARIVAS nylon mono is nothing like your Grand-dad's mono line

Technology and materials have come a long way.  Utilizing the latest advanced materials and technology, VARIVAS manufactures some of the thinnest, smoothest, most durable, nylon monofilament line in the world.  Developed in consultation with master anglers in Japan, VARIVAS produces the largest variety of nylon lines on the market; each model unique in design for a specific need, purpose, fishing style, and application.

Super Trout Advance ‘Big Trout’ line
  • Made with VARIVAS VA-G high density molecular nylon
  • A thinner, stronger nylon line with moderate stretch
  • Perfect for withstanding tough fighting, big trout, steelhead, and salmon
  • Specially coated to reduce guide friction, resulting in an ultra-smooth line with greater casting distance
  • Parallel wound on the spool to minimize damage caused by overlapping pressure, thus maintaining the line’s optimal integrity

Big Trout original model – A gold-brown colored line.  Coated with VARIVAS SP-F fluororesin-based resin for enhanced smoothness and durability.  IGFA class rated in break strengths:  8 lb, 12, lb, 16 lb, 20 lb.

Big Trout Katchi Iro – A stealthy, reddish-brown colored line.  Coated with VARIVAS’s new, more environmentally friendly SP-V, non-PVOA coating for enhanced smoothness and durability.  Available in break strengths:  8 ~25 lb