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Field Report: Bluefin Tuna New Jersey

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Field Reporter


The date of the fishing trip:

December 2021


Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey

Target Fish:

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Fishing Style:

Saltwater, Spinning, Popping

Tackle Information:

We went out on a ‘perfect conditions day’ before the bluefin officially showed up in our area.

Our goal was to break the new boat in with an Atlantic Bluefin tuna.

Immediately we pulled into some topwater feeds on small bait and some action with no bites. Moved around a bit and found some fish hungry for poppers. Took one cast with my Madd Mantis Popper into the feed and was tight immediately.

We landed the fish in about 5-10 minutes with a 14000 Saltiga and Race Point 150 rod.  Wonderful to break the new boat in with a really special fish.

Its size was normal for the December run; about 49” and somewhere between 60-80 lbs. The gear and rigging I was using:  VARIVAS Avani Casting PE, gou# 5 (78 lb) with about a 5-foot leader of 80 lb VARIVAS fluorocarbon shock leader connected with a FG knot.

We boated several others this day with some releases as well.  Had an awesome day!


Interested in Atlantic coast offshore fishing?  Check out Billy_Hayess on Instagram to view his adventures landing Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Striped Seabass.

What an awesome day indeed! Thanks a bunch for sending in this report and allowing us to share it with our viewers. Sounds like those Atlantic Bluefin gave your new boat and our Avani Casting PE braided line a great work out! Tight lines! — The VARIVAS America team

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