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Introducing VARIVAS AREA Super Trout – INFINITY PE X8

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When the fish are plentiful, but just not biting, or perhaps heavily pressured and skittish, it’s time to reach for your rod spooled with AREA Super Trout – INFINITY PE X8 braid line — VARIVAS’s thinnest 8-braid, designed for ultra-finesse fishing.

In this English captioned video VARIVAS Pro angler, Sachio Matsumoto, describes this exact situation, his angling technique, and how he helped develop VARIVAS’s new ultra-thin, transparent brown colored, AREA Super Trout – INFINITY 8-braid PE line for situations and fishing conditions like these.

Japan’s stocked ponds and lakes are incredibly competitive due to Japan’s high population density and large number of angers.  Fish in Japan’s stocked areas are super smart, savvy and weary.

Transparent brown-tinted Infinity PE x8 line is invisible to fish–an asset when fishing competitive or heavily pressured areas or environments–with just enough color, in conjunction with added sightline indicator marks, to lend support to the angler.

Frustrated with your targeted school of fish parting like the Red Sea when your line contacts the water? Looking for a competitive advantage? Or perhaps more recreational fun fishing your local stocker pond?

Spool your reel with AREA Super Trout – Infinity PE X8. Experience the difference. Enjoy catching more fish!


VARIVAS AREA Super Trout – Infinity PE x8 is designed for use with ultralight (UL) rods and reels.  This line may not work well with ordinary equipment. Be sure to check your rod and reel specifications for compatibility with ultra thin line.

Infinity PE x8 is available in two gauge sizes (#0.2) and (#0.3), corresponding to 0.094mm/0.0037-inch and 0.108mm/0.0043-inch diameters, and break strengths 5.6 lb and 7.5 lb, respectively.

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