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Super Trout Advance Double Cross 8 PE braid

PE+Polyester hybrid 8-strand braid that sinks

Double Cross PE 8  

An excellent 8-strand, sinking, PE+Ester hybrid braided line
for river and mountain stream finesse fishing

New and improved 

  • 1.4~1.6 times stronger than its predecessor
  • Coated with VARIVAS’s new SP-V, environment friendly, non-PFOA coating for reduced friction, outstanding casting, and enhanced durability

Double Cross 8 combines

the outstanding features of PE braided line — casting distance, strength, sensitivity
with the high-density, stiffness, and great sinking of ester/polyester line
  • Made with VARIVAS DC-PE (Double Cross) 8-strand PE (polyethylene) braid combined and braided together with Ester/polyester line
  • Specific Gravity of 1.12, for excellent sinking
  • Low wind-effect 
  • Improves ease and control of lures
  • Hi-viz, line color with sight marks provides for easy line tracing

A trouble-free braided line

Ester/polyester’s unique stiffness enhances casting and line manageability
  • Line smoothly releases from the reel
  • Prevents tangles around reel bail and rod guides
  • Reduces slack line during casting, retrieve and pick-up

Hi-viz, sight edition, alternating line color

Combines high visibility for the angler with camouflaging quality in the water

Available in two (2) hi-viz, sight line color schemes:

  • Light Green + Green – Visibility & Camouflage
    with alternating pattern of 150 cm of Light Green + 50 cm of emerald Green
  • Fluorescent Orange + Pink – High Visibility
    with alternating pattern of 150 cm of Fluorescent Orange + 50 cm of Pink
号 / Gou
JAFS gauge #
Approx Diameter lb Length
Gou #0.6 0.132 mm /  0.0052 inch 9.6 lb 100m
Gou #0.8 0.153 mm / 0.006 inch 11.4 lb 100m
Product Details

New & improved, stronger model. PE+Polyester hybrid, 8-strand, braided line with optimal tension and sinking ability. Specific Gravity of 1.12. Low wind-effect. Excellent lure control. Hi-viz color for easy line tracing. Length: 100-meters

  • PE | Braided Line
  • X8 | Braided Line
  • ESTER | Polyester Line
  • DC-PE
  • SP-V | Non-PFOA coating