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Ajing Master ''Red Eye'' Ester / polyester line

The next-generation of polyester / ester line. Supple. Manageable. Sensitive. Strong.

Ajing Master – ”Red Eye” Ester / polyester line

The next-generation of ester line.  Supple. Manageable.  Sensitive.  Strong.

  • Designed for Aji night-fishing
  • Supple, more manageable Ester (polyester) line that offers less memory & optimal sensitivity
  • Less susceptible to unwinding and causing line trouble
  • Excellent for lightweight jigging
  • Knot strength perfectly achieves about 90% of breaking strength
  • Specific Gravity of 1.35
  • Length:  Available in 150m spools that can spooled tightly on the reel

Color:  Ruby red color that’s reflective at night; reflecting light from your headlamp.

号 / Goh
JAFS gauge #
LB. Average
Strength (g)
DIA. (mm) Length
0.2 1.15 523g 0.074 150m
0.3 1.75 796g 0.090 150m
0.4 2.3 1046g 0.104 150m
Product Details

Designed for night fishing, this ruby red line is reflective at night. A supple, sensitive, strong Ester (polyester) line that's more manageable.

  • ESTER | Polyester Line
  • SP-F | Super Fluororesin Coating

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