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Avani Casting PE [Si-X]

Si-X special friction-heat resistant material is kneaded into every strand of our Max Power 8-strand fiber

AVANI Casting PE x8 Si-X

The perfect casting line for saltwater, monster-game fishing, especially Maguro Tuna

Designed by celebrated Japanese Maguro angler, Ichiro Sato
  • VARIVAS Si-X propriety friction-heat resistant material, kneaded into every Max Power PE strand, protects fibers from friction heat and line breakage, achieving a new level of ultra-high durability never before experienced  
  • Optimal line tension prevents line trouble by reducing the loop width of the line emitted from the spool 
  • Color marking system eliminates guesswork when casting, enhancing distance control and casting accuracy. 

Color:White with sight marking lines

号 / Goh
JAFS gauge #
5 80 300m & 400m 8
6 92 300m & 400m 8
8 115 300m & 400m 8
10 140 300m & 400m 8
12 160 300m 8
Product Details

Ultra-high durability and no loss of breaking strength. Color marking system in each size eliminates guesswork for accuracy and distance control. Perfect for all monster game fishing, especially Maguro tuna.

  • PE | Braided Line
  • X8 | Braided Line
  • SP-F | Super Fluororesin Coating
  • MAX-PE | Max Power PE
  • Si-X
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