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AREA Super Trout Master Limited Premium Fluorocarbon

Excellent for finesse lure and bait fishing when targeting hyper nervous and alert trout


  • An excellent line for finesse lure and bait fishing, targeting hard to catch smart, nervous and alert trout.
  • VARIVAS’s thinnest 80m fluorocarbon main line, originally designed for hyper sensitive, hyper alert trout in stocked lake and pond environments in Japan.
  • VARIVAS supreme fluorocarbon material. Perfectly balanced high breaking and knot strength compared with other similar diameter line.
  • VARIVAS proprietary SP-F fluororesin coating increases  durability and cast-ability.

Color:  Natural

* The ‘AREA’ model name refers alert, hook and line-savvy fish in stocked lake and pond environments or ‘areas’ in Japan.

号 / Goh
JAFS gauge #
LB. DIA.(mm)
0.3 1.2 0.09 80m (Parallel Winding)
0.4 1.5 0.104 80m (Parallel Winding)
0.5 2 0.117 80m (Parallel Winding)
0.6 2.5 0.128 80m (Parallel Winding)
0.8 3 0.148 80m (Parallel Winding)
Product Details

Excellent for finesse lure and bait fishing for hard to catch “nervous and alert” trouts. AREA Model: the thinnest Fluorocarbon main line (80M version) originally designed for very sensitive and alert trout in controlled "area" stock lake and pond in Japan.

  • FLUORO | Fluorocarbon Line
  • SP-F | Super Fluororesin Coating
  • Parallel Winding