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    High Grade PE X4

    All-purpose, tournament-grade 4-strand braided PE fishing line

      HighGrade PE X4

      • VARIVAS Premium PE, 4-stand, braided fishing line with 30% less stretch
      • High Integrity. Reliable tournament PE line.
      • VARIVAS proprietary SP-F fluoride coating increases smooth casting ability & durability of the line.
      • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

      Color options:

      • Water-Blue
      • Milky Pink
      • Flash Green
      • Multi-color Marking Type

      号 / Goh
      JAFS gauge #
      lb. testLengthBRAID
      0.610 lb.Available in




      0.815 lb.4
      118 lb.4
      1.221 lb.4
      1.525 lb.4

      *Includes VEP Nylon (2.5m) Shock Leader trial line.

      Product Details

      All-purpose, tournament-grade 4-strand braided PE fishing line. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. Available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Pink & Rainbow.

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      • Premium PE | Premium PE LIne
      • SP-F | Super Non-Stick Coating
      • X4 | Braided Line
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