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VARIVAS Snakehead fish, Super Max Power (SMP) PE

Specially designed to catch snakeheads.

  • Made from VARIVAS SMP (Super Max Power) PE line, VARIVAS’s most robust line material.
  • 2X (times) the durability and strength than our already robust standard fishing line.
  • Uniquely designed high camouflage line color, dark green/brown/black, blends well in nature; providing low visibility from nervous snakehead fish.

Color: Camo (Marking Line)

号 / Goh
JAFS gauge #
MAX LB. Length
6 90 100m
8 120 100m
10 150 80m
Product Details

SMP (Super Max Power) PE line 2X (times) the Durability and Strength. High camouflage line color, dark-green, blends well in nature; provides least contrast against background for minimal visibility from nervous snakehead fish.

  • SMP | Super Max Power PE Line
  • PE | Braided Line
  • X8 | Braided Line
  • SP-F | Super Fluororesin Coating

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