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    Tapered Leader DH Salmon SST

    VARIVAS tapered leader "DH / Salmon" with a length of 18 feet, targeting returning salmon in big rivers and big trout in lakes.

        A dedicated DH Salmon leader targeting big salmon and big trout.

        18-foot, VARIVAS  DH Salmon tapered leader, designed for targeting returning big river Salmon and large lake Trout.

        SST (Spey Shape Taper) specializes in drift performance and allows easy control of the swing speed of small Wet flies and Soft Hackle Flies under challenging conditions in the drought season.

        Very effective for a natural drift. 5-feet long, adjustable, Tippet, easily provides a soft presentation, softening the alertness of runaway fish and adjusts to rod length and field use.

        • ‘Smooth Tech Coating’ reduces surface friction, increases durability, prevents water absorption.
        • Thin ‘Smart Connect’ design allows the small connection profile between the fly fishing line and tapered leader.

        Color: Natural Green with Clear Tippet

        Product Details

        VARIVAS tapered leader "DH / Salmon" with a length of 18 feet with SST(Spey Shaped Taper), targeting big river salmon and big lake trout.

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