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AIRS Shooting Line

New and improved! Nylon mono float shooting line

New & improved

VARIVAS AIRS Shooting line

Floats better than before
  • The most advanced, hassle-free, nylon mono, float shooting/running line
  • A buoyant, light, floating line for long casting.
  • Favored among world-class, tournament Spey casting anglers
  • New 6-air chamber, hollow design improves buoyancy
  • Updated with VARIVAS’s new more environmentally friendly SP-V, non-fluorine coating for enhanced casting performance, durability and protections against water absorption and UV light.
  • A high-performance line with reliable strength produced by state-of-the-art Japanese manufacturing technology
  • Suitable for medium and large rivers, lakes, and saltwater.

Available in two colors: Translucent Yellow and hi viz Fluorescent Orange

Length:  110 yards / 100 meters with half-way indicator mark

LB. Length
24 110 yd. / 100-meters
30 110 yd. / 100-meters
36 110 yd. / 100-meters
47 110 yd. / 100-meters
Product Details

IN-STOCK! New and improved AIRS Shooting line. Favored by world-class, tournament, Spey anglers. Improved design and floating performance. New packaging. Newly added orange color.

  • SP-V
  • Nylon | Nylon Line
  • AIRS
  • UV | Ultraviolet Protection Coating
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