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Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE

Mountain Stream BFS 4-strand PE braid

Redesigned for Mountain Stream BFS (Bait Finesse System) fishing

In response to Japan’s booming Mountain Stream Bait Finesse (BFS) trout scene, VARIVAS has redesigned their popular, high-performance, Bait Finesse PE x4 braid line specifically for fishing the challenging terrain of mountain streams with a bait casting set up.

Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE x4 braided line optimally balances the merits of PE braid line–strength, sensitivity, and castability–for mountain stream bait finesse (BFS) fishing; thus, alleviating the worry of line mishaps for BFS anglers.

What’s new?

  1. A new textured, stiffer, 4-strand braid, tuned for greater manageability and precise, controlled casting has replaced the silky smooth line of the prior edition.
    • Mountain Stream BFS precision casting requires controlled brake thumbing on bait casting reels.
    • Textured, 4-strand braid provides a better feel for easier casting and brake thumbing, compared to smooth, round, 8-strand braid.  Likewise, a thicker, 4-strand braid reduces line trouble and enables easier recovery with bait casting (BFS) reels.

2.  Enhanced line durability owing to VARIVAS’s NEW enviro-friendly, non-PTFE, water-repellent line coating.

    • SP-V coating

3.  Redesigned line color and sight marking system.

    • Redesigned, hi-viz, alternating green and yellow line color, every 2 meters (instead of every 5-meters as in the earlier edition) makes line tracing and lure tracking easier.
    • Added half-way line indicator mark makes it easy to know when your spool is at the half-way point.

4. Larger diameter line options with higher lb strengths replace the prior edition’s thinner, lower weight line.

Merits of PE braided line:

1. Outstanding linear strength

PE braided line has vastly stronger, linear strength compared to nylon line of the same diameter.  For instance, 0.121 mm diameter, VARIVAS Bait Finesse PE x4, Gou #0.5 (9 lb strength) line boasts twice the strength of much thicker 0.165mm diameter, VARIVAS 4lb (Gou #1) nylon line.

2. Further casting with light lures

Thinner line casts light lures further with less force, allowing anglers to focus on casting accuracy, instead of on power.

3. Sensitivity

A low-stretch line transmits vibration-signal much better, providing greater sensitivity when it comes to detecting fish movement and fish bite. The 5% stretch rate of PE braided line is what gives PE line incredible sensitivity compared to nylon’s typical 30% stretch.

4. Coated for durability and further casting

VARIVAS proprietary, water-repellent coating enhances line durability and encases line with an anti-friction, non-stick, film.

NOTE:  Pairing a shock leader with PE braided line is essential to avoid snagging PE line on the bottom floor or other rough elements or structure.



Q #1:  Which size Bait Finesse PE x4 line and leader is recommended?

A #1:  VARIVAS recommends:

  • Goh #0.5 (9 lb) Bait Finesse PE x4 braid — the a standard gauge-size line for narrow, mountain stream BFS fishing.
  • Goh #0.6 (10 lb) — for mid-tributary and main river fishing or when targeting large fish.
  • Goh #0.8 (15 lb) — for bigger fish, challenging fishing situations, or or to avoid line issues.
  • For Shock Leader, we advise a 3 lb ~ 8 lb fluoro leader.

Q #2:  What’s the recommended amount of line for my BFS reel?

A #2:  We advise spooling baitcasting reels with 50-meters of line.  Although 30-meters of line is sufficient when fishing mountain streams, 30-meters has a poor casting feel.  If fishing main rivers, we advise spooling up 100-meters of line for the benefit of full casting.


Q #3:  How often should I replace the line?

A #3:  For optimal performance, we recommend replacing PE braided line often, as there is nothing better than the performance of brand new PE braided line

Spec :

JASF Guage Size


Diameter (Approximate)


Gou Number




9 lb

0.0048 in

0.121 mm

100 m


10 lb

0.0052 in

0.132 mm

100 m


15 lb

0.0060 in

0.153 mm

100 m

Product Details

Textured, stiffer, 4-strand Premium PE braid with improved manageability for precision casting. New enviro-friendly, non-fluororesin, water repellent line coating enhances line durability. Redesigned line color and sight line marking system. Half-way (50-meter) indicator mark on line. Available in 9, 10, 15 lb. strengths. Length:  100 meters. Color:  Alternating, highly visible Green and Yellow.

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