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Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse x4

Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse x4


Bait Finesse PE x4
Re-designed for Mountain Stream BFS (Bait Finesse System) fishing

  • Textured, stiffer, 4-strand Premium PE braid with improved manageability for precision casting
  • VARIVAS’s NEW SP-V, enviro-friendly, non-PTFE, water repellent line coating enhances line durability.
  • Redesigned line color and sight line marking system
  • Half-way (50-meter) indicator mark on line
  • Length:  100 meters
  • Available in 9 lb (Gou #0.5), 10 lb (Gou #0.6), 15 lb (Gou #0.8)
  • Color:  Alternating, highly visible Green and Yellow



Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE x4

Redesigned for Mountain Stream BFS (Bait Finesse System) fishing

In response to Japan’s booming Mountain Stream Bait Finesse (BFS) trout scene, VARIVAS has redesigned their popular, high-performance, Bait Finesse PE x4 braid line specifically for fishing the challenging terrain of mountain streams with a bait casting set up.

Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE x4 braided line optimally balances the merits of PE braid line–strength, sensitivity, and castability–for mountain stream bait finesse (BFS) fishing; thus, alleviating the worry of line mishaps for BFS anglers.

What’s new?

  1. A new textured, stiffer, 4-strand braid, tuned for greater manageability and precise, controlled casting has replaced the silky, smooth line of the prior edition.
    • Mountain Stream BFS precision casting requires controlled brake thumbing on bait casting reels.
    • Textured, 4-strand braid provides a better feel for easier casting and brake thumbing, compared to smooth, round, 8-strand braid.  Likewise, a thicker, 4-strand braid reduces line trouble and enables easier recovery with bait casting (BFS) reels.
  2. Enhanced line durability owing to VARIVAS’s NEW enviro-friendly, non-PTFE, water-repellent line coating.
    • SP-V coating
  3. Redesigned line color and sight marking system.
    • Redesigned, hi-viz, alternating green and yellow line color, every 2 meters (instead of every 5-meters as in the earlier edition) makes line tracing and lure tracking easier.
    • Added half-way line indicator mark makes it easy to know when your spool is at the half-way point.
  4. Larger diameter line options with higher lb strengths replace the prior edition’s thinner, lower weight line.

Spec :

JASF Guage Size


Diameter (Approximate)


Gou Number




9 lb

0.0048 in

0.121 mm

100 m


10 lb

0.0052 in

0.132 mm

100 m


15 lb

0.0060 in

0.153 mm

100 m

Merits of PE braided line:

1. Outstanding linear strength

PE braided line has vastly stronger in linear strength compared to nylon line of the same diameter.  For instance, 0.121 mm diameter, VARIVAS Bait Finesse PE x4, Gou #0.5 (9 lb strength) line boasts twice the strength of much thicker 0.165mm diameter, VARIVAS 4lb (Gou #1) nylon line.

2. Further casting with light lures

Thinner line casts light lures further with less force, allowing anglers to focus on casting accuracy, instead of on power.

3. Sensitivity

A low-stretch line transmits vibration-signal much better, providing greater sensitivity when it comes to detecting fish movement and fish bite. The 5% stretch rate of PE braided line is what gives PE line incredible sensitivity compared to nylon’s typical 30% stretch.

4. Coated for durability and further casting

VARIVAS proprietary, water-repellent coating enhances line durability and encases line with an anti-friction, non-stick, film.

NOTE:  Pairing a shock leader with PE braided line is essential to avoid snagging PE line on the bottom floor or other rough elements or structures.



Q #1:  Which size Bait Finesse PE x4 line and leader is recommended?

A #1:  VARIVAS recommends:

    • Goh #0.5 (9 lb) Bait Finesse PE x4 braid — the a standard gauge-size line for narrow, mountain stream BFS fishing.
    • Goh #0.6 (10 lb) — for mid-tributary and main river fishing or when targeting large fish.
    • Goh #0.8 (15 lb) — for bigger fish, challenging fishing situations, or or to avoid line issues.
    • For Shock Leader, we advise a 3 lb ~ 8 lb fluoro leader.

Q #2:  What’s the recommended amount of line for my BFS reel?

A #2:  We advise spooling baitcasting reels with 50-meters of line.  Although 30-meters of line is sufficient when fishing mountain streams, 30-meters has a poor casting feel.  If fishing main rivers, we advise spooling up 100-meters of line, for the benefit of full casting.

Q #3:  How often should I replace the line?

A #3:  For optimal performance, we recommend replacing PE braided line often, as there is nothing better than the performance of brand new PE braided line

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