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    Tapered Leader DH Salmon SST

    VARIVAS tapered leader "DH / Salmon" with a length of 18 feet, targeting returning salmon in big rivers and big trout in lakes.

        A dedicated DH Leader designed for returning salmon and big trout.

        18-foot, VARIVAS  ‘DH Salmon’  tapered leader, designed for  targeting large river and lake Trout.

        TAT ​​(triangle) Design combines the right balance of turn and drift performance.

        Meets a wide range of needs by swinging drift overhead with Spey casting, whether using Streamer fly or Soft hackle fly.

        Adjustable-length, 5-foot Tippet reduces suspicion of alert fish, eEen under challenging conditions and adjusts to rod and field use.

        • ‘Smooth Tech Coating’ reduces surface friction, increases durability, prevents water absorption.
        • Thin ‘Smart Connect’ design allows for a small connection profile between the fly fishing line and tapered leader.

        Color: Natural Green with Clear tippet

        VIEW product video #1 – with English captions

        VIEW product video #2 – in English

        Product Details

        VARIVAS tapered leader "DH / Salmon" with a length of 18 feet with SST(Spey Shaped Taper), targeting big river salmon and big lake trout.

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