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Tapered Leader STANDARD ST Fluorocarbon

VARIVAS’s basic tapered leader sets a new standard.

VARIVAS’s basic Tapered Leader sets a new standard

VARIVAS’s Tapered Leader – ‘Standard ST’ has been reborn.  Reinvented with greater flexibility and durability. New design features include:  a reformulated material combined with fluorocarbon, plus two (2) high-tech coatings — SP-T (Super Tough) and NON (Non-Stress) coatings.

  • A versatile tapered leader for skill levels and settings, novice to pro, freshwater to salt.
  • Fluorocarbon material
  • Invisible in the water
  • Smaller end diameter to match the thickness of the tippet
  • Specially coated for reduced surface friction, increased durability, and prevention of water absorption

Color:  Natural Clear


Size available from -2x to 6X

Product Details

VARIVAS Tapered Leader Standard has been reborn with new fluorocarbon material and high-tech coatings.

  • FLUORO | Fluorocarbon Line
  • SP-T | Super Tough Coating
  • NON | Non Stress Coating
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