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Super Tippet Master Spec PRO FLUOROCARBON

Super Tippet Master Spec PRO FLUOROCARBON


A fluorocarbon tippet for professionals, provides added flexibility & strength not found in conventional fluorocarbon tippet. Suitable for all fly fishing styles from fishing dry flies to wet streamers.

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A Tippet for Professionals!

VARIVAS Fluorocarbon Tippet – a leader in the fly fishing scene.

  • Stable strength. Resistant to twisting, crimping, and wear.
  • Master Spec Pro Fluorocarbon Tippet has added flexibility not found in conventional fluorocarbon tippet.
  • The 5-7X line, most frequently used for dry fly fishing, is easy to handle owing to fluorocarbon’s unique hardness and tension.
  • Flexible tip and nodule strength, usually not found with conventional fluorocarbon tippets, makes it a tippet for professionals!
  • Can be used regardless of genre, from dry fly fishing to wet streamers.
  • VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating reduces surface friction, improves durability, and prevents deterioration.
  • Special PROTECTION PACK packaging protects against ultraviolet light and humidity.
  • Includes marking line indicating remaining of 10 meters.

Color:  Natural Clear


Standard lb test DIA. (mm) Length
3X 8.6 0.205 50m
4X 5.4 0.165 50m
5X 4.7 0.148 50m
6X 3.7 0.128 50m
6.5X 2.9 0.117 50m
7X 2.5 0.104 50m
8X 1.8 0.090 50m


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