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      92lb Yellowfin at Sagami Bay

      92LB Yellowfin Casting Explosion in Sagami Bay!

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      VARIVAS Field Reporter: Tatsuya Kazuno

      Japan’s Sagami Bay is such a competitive battleground every year.

      Yellowfin Tuna are nervous and quickly dive deep because of boats roaming on the surface. This poses limited casting opportunities for anglers. Being able to cast further than others is an advantage!

      That’s when I recommend VARIVAS Avani Casting PE SMP [Super Max Power] and Ocean Record Shock Leader 100lb. Since the line slides well and is so smooth, you won’t get entangled in guides. You can really use it without stress when using a nylon leader (because it is softer than Fluorocarbon).

      92lb Yellowfin at Sagami Bay

      The tuna pictured in the photo was a difficult one because the front hook was on its head.  It took a long time, but I was able to control it with the PE line and the leader without any fluffing or twisting!

      Yellowfin tuna casting


      Yellowfins are late this year for Sagami Bay this season.  It’s sure to be a better season from now on, so I hope you get a chance to try this line selection for your own reference.

      Yellowfin Tuna VARIVAS Tackle

      Tackle Used:

      The original article was published in Japanese by Morris Company, Ltd., August 18th, 2020. Field Report by Takuya Kazuno

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