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        Jigging halibut fishing with VARIVAS Avani Jigging 10x10 Max Power PE X8 #1 line

        Joban Offshore Flounder Jigging

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        Hi everyone, this is Field Tester Yokoshima.

        A popular target for the summer saltwater game in Japan is Mahi Mahi and Tuna in casting games, but in my case, it’s a bit different.

        The field I go to most of this time is the waters off Fukushima Prefecture.

        Although the area suffered enormous damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, it has undergone remarkable reconstruction in the last few years; and welcomes us as anglers.

        I enjoyed flounder (Halibut too) jigging off the coast of Joban in Fukushima Prefecture with my fishing buddy, Mr. Noro, who’s a professional angler and VARIVAS field tester.

        It’s been a long time since my last fishing trip. On the first day, I started out looking for fish within range. Then decided on jigging at the depths of 30-45m (98ft – 147ft).

        The tackle I used was VARIVAS ViOLENTEl Slow Jerk Style VLJ-64-Lv2 rod, VARIVAS Avani Jigging 10×10 Max Power PE X8 #1 line with VARIVAS Shock Leader Fluorocarbon 22-25 lb connected to a 130g jig.

        Flounder are abundant in this area, so in order to firmly hook them, I used VARIVAS Avani Ocean Works Twin Assist Power Round [Zero Friction] #3/0 hook; and started jigging.

        Water temperature was lower than usual this day; and although fish responded to jigs, they escaped the hook. After changing to a VARIVAS Avani Ocean Works Twin Assist Light Jig [Zero Friction] hook, I was able to bring in consecutive hits.

        Although this hook has a thin shaft, it’s super strong and sticks well. Even a small bite can achieve hooking with a high probability of a catch.

        On the second day, I changed the leader to 30 lb.

        The hook was set with a VARIVAS Avani Ocean Works Twin Assist Light Jig [Zero Friction] hook. I caught flounder all morning!

        By reading the situation and using different tackle properly, we were able to successfully catch flounder off the coast of Joban.

        For summer jigging, why not try out VARVIVAS tackle when you’re out on the water next.


        The original article was published in Japanese by Morris Company, Ltd., August 20th, 2020. Field Report by Toshihiro Yokoshima

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